How Do I Quit My Job?

Well, that is the question, isn’t it? You’ve had it about up to here (hand under your neck) and you feel like you’re drowning in employee dissatisfaction. I mean your boss is a jerk, you are surrounded by harassment, discrimination, and a you are having to live with a hostile working environment. It’s no wonder you’ve uttered the words, “I hate my job!” But what can you do about it? Well, you could just leave, then you ask,

How do I quit my job?

Then, your defense systems kick in and bombard you with fear, “How do I quit my job and survive?” or you are a parent and are want to know, “how to quit my job and support my family?” and all those years of programming flood every cell of your body sending into a state of panic.

If the industrial social programming project which enjoyed it’s hey day from 1870 to 1980 has persisted in permeating all classes of Americans, you will be so concerned about the potential pitfalls of quitting your job at all, that you will opt to put your head down and keep moving forward in the job that is not well suited for you out of fear.

If you ask anyone for advice, they will tell you to not even think about leaving your existing job, until you have your affairs in order, which would include the following steps:

7 Steps to Quit Your Job and Get a “Better” One

  1. Get real upset about your current job but keep it bottled up inside
  2. Find another job somewhere else that you think will be better
  3. Make sure you are kissing up to your supervisors before you leave
  4. Let your supervisors know that you are looking elsewhere
  5. Get letters of recommendation before you go
  6. Give two weeks’ notice
  7. Start your new job somewhere else

Then, get ready to start at step one and continue the cycle all over again.

You know why? Because you were meant for more than this. We let the educational industrial complex run our lives for over a hundred years, and for over a hundred years, it worked to the benefit of our country, but that was then.

It just doesn’t work, now, and the system is broken. And it sucks the life out of each and every one of us that feels deep inside that there must be something more to this life than this. Because you were meant for so much more.

What if you could be your own boss? How would you treat yourself as a valued employee? What might your life be like?

You could leave behind the wage-slavery and having to subject yourself to being bossed around like a human commodity, and become the master of your professional and financial destiny.

7 Steps to Quit Your Job and Become Financially Independent


  1. Assess and monetize your special gifts and abilities (everyone has them)
  2. Establish yourself and your brand with dot-coms
  3. Become the expert in your field with a blog and write a book
  4. Create a system to deliver your services digitally
  5. Quit your job only after you have replaced your previous income with new revenue
  6. Continue to grow your business exponentially
  7. Live a better life, your best life, and make the world a better place

Using the 7-step blueprint for freedom from wage-slavery and achieve financial independence in as little as 19 weeks.

Check out the Quit Your Job for Life Special Team Intensive and change the way you look at and live life forever.


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