I Hate My Job

I hate my job, but what can I do about it? I have people who depend on me, I have bills to pay, I feel like I am trapped in a rat’s maze, where someone has kept me enslaved along with the sea of other slaves who surround me as far as I can see.

I hate this job. Why must I be forced to perform tasks and functions which are so contrary to what I might otherwise be called to do? I feel as though this lot in life is well beneath me, but I can find no way out of this slavery to “the man.”

I could, if I compromise all that is good and right within me, agree to kiss the arse of those who could increase my income-earning capacity in exchange for an increase of cash flow. If I do so, I could make more money, but hate my job even more, and be disappointed in myself. I hate work, especially if I am not appreciated or valued.

I Hate My Job

I hate my job and want to quit. I wish I knew how to quit a job you hate and walk away feeling like I could do better, make a difference, live a life of significance.

There must be more to this life than this.

Yes, my friend, there is more to this life waiting for you, and now is the time to pursue all the good things this life has to offer, though it will seem counter-intuitive to what you have come to know and believe.

Here, in America, the United States was founded on the basis of equal opportunity for anyone to not only survive but thrive and that was clearly true during its first hundred years. Then came the industrialists who transformed the citizenry into a burgeoning labor pool. Many mechanisms were put in place to accomplish such a feat, and we, as a nation, fell into their trap, like the wage slaves we have become.

We have been raised and programmed to believe that we must go to school, to be obedient enough to get good grades, so that we can get a good job, leave our home, get married, raise a family of workers to replace us, and pay taxes for the right to play this part in the support of the industrial education complex.

And so it is. Or it was, but the times they are a-changing. Since the digital revolution which started around 1980, the labor jobs have been dwindling at a rapid pace, and college graduates are coming to realize that the years of study and the payment for the opportunity to get the credentials to get a better job than their undereducated peers, is not panning out as a successful investment.

To answer the call of the failing marketplace and to bolster high education, government-funded student aid was made readily available for anyone who applied for it. This was successful in keeping the educational institutions afloat, but it produced a horde of students with worthless degrees facing a vastly changing marketplace.

Those with the foresight to pursue technology-related degrees fared better, but even they are being increasingly replaced by automation and technology.

But there is an answer, and that is to carve out your own path. You can make the move, a big move to establish yourself as a unique contributor in the world today. With the Quit Your Job for Life Special Team Intensive you can learn how to leave a job you hate and live the life you’ve been waiting to live.

Never worry about being ordered around by an ungrateful boss. This is your chance to rise to your highest and best and make the world a better place.

In as little as 19 weeks, by being a part of this Special Team, you can rocket launch your career from the status quo to the stratosphere.

Establish yourself as the expert in your field and dominate the marketplace putting your head and shoulders above the competition.

7 Steps to Master Your Financial Independence

  1. Continue to Work at and Hate Your Job for 19 Weeks, while you
  2. Inventory and Prepare to Monetize Your Special Gifts and Abilities
  3. Uplift and Separate Yourself with Dot-coms
  4. Establish Yourself as the Leader in Your Field with a Blog and a Book
  5. Translate Your Offering to a Digital Presentation
  6. Take Your Offering to the Marketplace
  7. Enjoy All the Good Things in Life and Never Work Again

Now that you know what to do, you can do it yourself, we’ll show you how, or Join the Team and we’ll do it with you.


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