Teachers Make 5-times What You’re Making Now or More

A university instructor goes through three phases of teacher growth. Phase I: Instructor, Phase II: Online Instructor, and Phase III: Global Influencer. The first phase is the one that we are most familiar with, and all these phases can be applied to all types of teaching.  If you are a teacher in the first phase you might be surprised to discover that it doesn’t take much effort to move into the second phase where teachers make 5 times what you’re making now or more.


An instructor teaches courses in classes live, face-to-face in a classroom. You get paid an agreed-upon dollar amount per student times the number of credit hours for the course.

So, an instructor who gets paid a base rate of $100 (which is way too high to be realistic but used to simplify the math) to teach a 2-credit class.

10 students, times $100 equals $1,000, times 2 credits each equals $2,000. The instructor gets paid $2,000 for teaching that course. The university charges $600 per credit hour. That means the university made $12,000 for the class (based on the national average of $600 per credit hour) and the teacher gets $2,000 for teaching the class.

The instructor is getting only half of what we used in our example which is $50, so an instructor is really only getting paid $50 or less, so he or she would only be getting $1,000 for the two-credit class with 10 students. The university takes in $12,000 and the instructor does all the work for $1,000, or less than 10% (8.33% exactly) of the take for 15 weeks of work at 2 hours per week. Note that instructors are not compensated for travel, setup, or extra efforts such as class preparation or grading.

Welcome to real life.

It is clear that instructors are doing what they love. They certainly are not teaching for the money. They are teaching from the heart. They care about their students and take pride and have a sense of honor in training others who may bring something great to the world, and they are satisfied to play this part of service to make the world a better place.

Teachers and instructors are the unsung heroes of our age, as they help to empower others to rise up and contribute greatly to their communities and the community at large. In this way, the efforts of the teacher are realized as a global contribution one student at a time.

If you could increase the number of enrolled students to 20 in our example, a good-sized class and the instructor doubles his or her revenue from that same class. Much better. Still getting paid for the same 2 hours per week, now twice as much, $2,000, for the 15 weeks.

If it is true, that teachers are selflessly contributing to the greater whole, shouldn’t they be better compensated for doing so?


Make 5-times What You Are Making Now

If you are an instructor, you already know how this goes, but you can increase your income from those same hours worked by expanding your class to include online students.

You can increase your class size to 100 with little effort. 20 live students and 80 students attending the class via the Internet.

Now you are making $10,000 for those same 2 hours over the 15 weeks.

This is happening, right now, in universities all over America. Instructors are making 5-times what they were originally paid for taking their classes online and virtually increasing their class enrollment size. (Let’s not think about the $120,000 the university raked in for your efforts.) What’s important to your bottom line is your 500 percent increase in cash flow that you can use to invest, prepare for retirement, and live a better life.

500% Increase

If you are working for a school or university that doesn’t currently offer online attendance, then you can easily negotiate your own deal to do so. And for the universities that are already plugged in and turned on, they will already have a modified compensation plan in place, so no problem.

Earned Income

This method of earning income in exchange for hours worked is considered earned income. You can increase your net earnings by adjusting the parameters of your working arrangement. Using the method of integrating online class attendance, you tweaked your Return On Investment (ROI) to increase your cash revenues for little or no extra effort on your part.

After a while, once you get adjusted and acclimated to this new method of working fewer hours and making more money, you will be seeking other methods to increase your earning capacity even more.


Create Your Own Product

If you have been teaching a particular subject over a period of time, you might be considered as an expert in that area. Right?

There is no reason why you couldn’t, in fact, you should, create a product based on your experience of teaching others about this subject that you are not only fond of, but that you love. Why not be established as the undeniable expert in that field of study?

The process is easy, simply write a book to establish yourself as the authority and create a product that can be sold in stores and/or online, so that you can earn

Passive Income

Passive income is earnings from work that you do once that pays you after you’ve done the work. There are many forms of passive income, like music royalties, or book sales. You have already done the work, and you continue to get paid for your efforts over time.

This is the next step in your maturation as an instructor as you transition from teacher to a global influencer.

This is the kind of work that we do at St Paul’s Free University.

If you are an instructor looking to expand your horizons, your contribution to the world, and your income-earning abilities, by all means, do so.

Start today.


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