Is It Bad to Quit Your Job without Another One Lined Up?

Deciding when to quit a job that you hate is a big decision. And, many people choose the wrong time to quit their job. In this article I’ll cover the three things you must consider before you quit your job without another one lined up.

Are You Moving to a Better Place?

Conventional wisdom is that you should only quit a job if you already have a better position. This is because:

  • Already having a job allows you to negotiate from a place of power
  • You can wait for the perfect job to open up, without having to take the first position that opens up
  • Employers generally prefer hiring some they feel they are “stealing” from their competitors

However, there are serous drawbacks to this point of view, the biggest being that once you are comfortable in a position it can be very difficult to do the leg work it takes to get out of there. Lack of motivation is a huge impediment to finding a job that fits you better.

Can You Afford to Wait Any Longer?

Another consideration that I’ve written about in detail in the past is opportunity cost. Every moment you spend in a job that is under compensating you, that isn’t pushing your career and life forward, or that isn’t leveraging your full potential is precious time wasted that you can never get back.

While playing it safe and waiting for another job to fall in your lap seems like the safe play, it actually guarantees that you will never earn to your full potential, especially later in life.

I recommend that you start by giving yourself a timeline today. Start looking for a better job knowing that in 2 – 3 months you will quit anyway, no matter what. Just this change in mindset is often enough to radically change the outcome of your job search.

Choose a Plan That You Can Start Today

Waiting to quit is usually a huge mistake because you end up falling deeper and deeper in to a rut. This is the reason that most people hate their job and dream of quitting, but never do it.

In truth it may be that the only way that you ever leave this job on your own terms, rather than when your boss chooses to let you go, is if you make a move TODAY.

Human psychology is such that our mind blocks out the multitude of opportunities around us and only remembers details that confirm our existing perspective. Everyday you have the opportunity to manifestly change your life to take any form that you choose, yet your subconscious mind is working double time to hide all that from you.

Taking a step in the right direction that breaks your trance, is essential if you are going to make real progress. So, no matter your plan you must make a meaningful and irreconcilable step as soon as possible. Ideally, today.

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Related Questions

Should I quit without a job lined up?

Quitting your job without another on lined up is a good decision if your job in failing to provide career progression, or you need motivation to find a better position. Moving quickly is often more profitable than waiting for the perfect opportunity.

Why did you leave your last job without another job?

I left my last job without another one lined up because I decided to build a work at home business, and I needed a kick to get my life moving in the right direction. I found that having a stable job made it too difficult to focus on and succeed at that steps that would make my life a success in the future.

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